Ten Rewards from Printing Buddhist Sutras and Making Buddha-Images

People who print sutras and make images obtain the following benefits:

They wipe away all evil karma created by light offenses made in the past and they reduce the retribution due to them from their serious offenses.

Auspicious spirits constantly surround and protect them so they never experience the disasters of plagues, floods, fires, thieves, armed conflict or imprisonment.

They avoid the suffering inflicted by vengeful enemies they made in the past. Moreover, the merit derived from printing sutras allows enemies to receive the benefits of Dharma, and thereby untie the bonds of hatred.

Yaksha-ghosts and other evil ghosts cannot encroach; poisonous snakes or man-eating beasts cannot bring harm.

They experience peace of mind; by day they meet no danger; at night they have no bad dreams. Their [complexion] will be ruddy and moist; their energy will be full and vital. All of their business will quickly prosper and will meet with ultimate success.

As a result of their sincere honoring of the Dharma, quite naturally they will have ample clothing and abundant food, even though they do not wish for or seek after such things. Their families will be at peace; blessings and prosperity will constantly increase.

Other people, even Gods, will immediately take a liking to things these people say and do. Wherever they go, they will be greeted by happy throngs of dear friends who respect and revere them.

Stupid people will grow wiser, unhealthy people will grow healthier. Troubled people will feel happier, and women will become men in their next lifetime if they wish to do so.

They will depart forever from the Evil Destinies, and will be reborn always in wholesome places, with a handsome and upright appearance, and an unusually fine character. They will enjoy supreme happiness and abundant wealth.

They will be able to plant roots of goodness on behalf of all living beings. They will treat the minds of living beings as a grand blessing field, and will help them reap a bounteous, measureless harvest there.

In whatever land they are born, they will always see the Buddha and hear the Dharma. Ultimately, they will obtain full use of the Three Modes of Wisdom, will be certified as possessing Six Psychic Penetrations, and will quickly accomplish Buddhahood.

Since printing sutras and making images brings such incomparable merit and virtue, every time people have occasion to celebrate a birthday, offer congratulations, when they seek to fulfill a wish or to avert a calamity, to repent and reform past errors, or to rise in position in every event such as these, it is fitting to joyfully donate the means for printing sutras or making images, and then vigorously pursue their wishes.